Our Story

Chasing Desolation was formed by guitarist Jimmy Strimpel (circa 2005) with local friends and musicians in San Jose, CA
before he had even reached high school. He met singer and drummer Seth Perez, who took over as lead vocalist.
Despite their young age, the material the duo had recorded showcased their talent and dedication to writing meaningful and
musically interesting songs. In 2016, the band introduced bassist Austin Dunn to the group and relocated to Los Angeles.

Since then, the band has recorded some material for their recent spring EP release (2017) and have added two additional 
members; Mike Mayhem (drums) and Vahan Aslanyan (guitar) in 2017.

Chasing Desolation delivers edgy, gritty vocals to a hard rock/ metal sound, but surprises their listener with seamless harmonies and melodies. Their sound is intoxicating and keeps you locked in, wanting more. The band's influences are vast and eclectic, but they stay true to their sound and deliver a powerhouse - not only on record, but live. It's no wonder that they have a rapidly growing fan base, not just locally, but also 11,000+ followers on Instagram. They are a force to be reckoned with!