Our Story

Chasing Desolation is:

Seth Perez - Vocals

Jimmy Strimpel - Guitar

Austin Dunn - Bass

Mike Mayhem - Drums


Chasing Desolation is a hard rock band based in Los Angeles, CA. The band, founded by guitarist Jimmy Strimpel, traces its roots back to Strimpel's early years of playing loud rock music in various friends' parents' garages. The earliest incarnation of the group had now-singer Seth Perez behind the drum kit. After several attempts to find the right singer, it was then decided that Seth would take over as lead vocalist. 

Fast-forward a few years, and Jimmy and Seth parted ways to pursue their own projects, with the understanding that the band would be re-formed when the time was right. They inevitably re-joined forces after working on other projects for a time, and Chasing Desolation was revived.

After playing together in a different band, Jimmy invited bassist Austin Dunn to join the group. Shortly thereafter, drummer Mike Mayhem was added, and the roster was complete. 

Chasing Desolation delivers a powerful mix of heavy rock blended with the band's eclectic mix of influences. They seamlessly transition from in-your-face double-kick laden metal riffs to nuanced, harmony-rich melodic sections that are both catchy and intoxicating. The band delivers a high-energy live set that is sure to win over anyone in the crowd from the moment they step on the stage.

Their upcoming release - "The Moth Collection" - is available NOW for pre-order. Click the Store link in the menu for more details.