1. Swan Song

From the recording The Moth Collection

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Tyrant you’ve got them all shook
Feed them with fears the masses are hooked
Liar I see through the smoke
I’m ear to ear the mirror just broke
Is that your answer
Bandage a severed limb
Time to burn the band wagon
And save the ship

Our world’s corroding your wallet is growing
You never offer truth your pills are just red coated
Live like the rest in the filth you commit
Step from your high horse and lay in it’s shit

I sought out the truth
And I found the gospel’s hearse
Ego our leader
You should have gone there first

I’m in fear that this is too far gone
Find what is real or sing the swan song

Glutton grab what’s in sight
But time isn’t money time is life
Cry Freedom divided and lost
Solace is near your pride is the cost
Is there an answer
Is this a game
Designed to survive
Kills everything

Sing the swan song